Brow Perfection 💕 includes Brow Shape and Tint.

Lash lift

Lash Lift

Brow Transformation

Brow Transformation

Who needs fillers when you can produce your own collagen

Results after just 4 Treatments 2weekly using a combination of Dermalogica Peels, LED Technology and a change to Jane Iredale Makeup. Very happy with results and now having maintenance Treatments 4weekly. Skin is more hydrated, fewer breakouts, healing faster and leaving less scaring.

Lash Lifting lasts from 8-12wks, a Brow compliment lasts forever

Lash Lift Addict – $89 incl. Tint

Amazing results for a very special client after a course of LED Light Therapy and professional peels!

Brow Tinting = Defined Brows