Brow Tinting = Defined Brows

Lash Lifting lasts from 8-12wks, a Brow compliment lasts forever

Lash lift

Lash Lift

Brow Perfection 💕 includes Brow Shape and Tint.

Amazing results for a very special client after a course of LED Light Therapy and professional peels!

Brow Transformation

Brow Transformation

Who needs fillers when you can produce your own collagen

Results after just 4 Treatments 2weekly using a combination of Dermalogica Peels, LED Technology and a change to Jane Iredale Makeup. Very happy with results and now having maintenance Treatments 4weekly. Skin is more hydrated, fewer breakouts, healing faster and leaving less scaring.

Lash Lift Addict – $89 incl. Tint