Facial Treatments

Repair. Rebuild. Rejuvenate. 

Whatever your skin needs – come, relax and we’ll look after you.

‘Love your skin’ is one of our mantras at HBR. No matter what skin concerns you may have, we’re here to help you achieve healthy, happy, glowing skin and a more confident, comfortable, radiant you.

See our menu below, then book one of our relaxing facials and let us take care of you – soon you’ll really be loving the skin you’re in.

We also offer a range of body treatments to help you get that all over skin radiance.  

Why are our facials fantastic?

Our facials are about repairing and rebuilding healthy skin and giving you a complete pampering and relaxing experience as we take care of you.

Using advance skin treatments and techniques, every facial we do is completely customised so we can treat multiple concerns, and achieve the best possible results for your skin.

The skin concerns we treat are as varied as our wonderful clients, and include:

  • Slowing or reversing the signs of aging, such as: fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage
  • Loss of skin elasticity and collagen
  • Acne
  • Sensitivity
  • Dehydration
  • Skin congestion (e.g. breakouts, pimples and blackheads)
  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Scarring and stretch marks, and more.

We do a professional assessment of your skin before we begin your facial. Using advanced analysis technology we can see the true condition of your skin, beyond what you see in the mirror. This may be fine lines, skin tone, pigmentation, dryness and firmness, etc. By better understanding your skin, we can recommend the right treatment for you – whether that’s treating existing issues and/or addressing underlying concerns before they become visible.

With our recommendations, we also like to explain not only ‘what’ we recommend for your skin, but ‘why’ we recommend it.

Which facial do I choose?

Our Love Your Face’ menu, below, offers our first level of customised facials that are designed to suit what you would like to achieve, as well as your time and budget.

If you are looking for a more in-depth treatment that achieves superior and longer-lasting results, we offer a range of specialist skincare therapies – see our True Love’ menu, below, which offers IPL, LED, Collagen Induction (aka Skin Needling) and DMK specialist treatments. Some of these treatments may only be booked following a skin consultation with us.

If you’re not sure what facial treatment is right for you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Love Your Face: Skincare Menu

Express Skin Boost Facial (30mins)

A great introductory option if you’re looking to enjoy your first facial, or if you’re really short on time and your skin needs a boost.

Relax with this customised treatment that delivers a deep clean and refreshing boost to your skin.

This facial may include: a peel, microdermabrasion or extraction to treat skin congestion. This is customised depending on your skin’s need, which we assess with a consultation before we begin.

See our Price List, which includes package offers, or Book Now to make your appointment.

Skin Radiance Facial (45mins)

Skin looking dull and noticing a few things about your skin you’d like to address? This is a great option to consider when you notice those signs of ageing, have skin congestion, breakouts or your skin is feeling dehydrated.

With this facial we focus on a deeper cleanse, exfoliation and hydration skin boosting treatment that is customised to restore your skin’s natural radiance, plus treatments to address your skin concerns.

This facial may also include: an LED treatment, microdermabrasion, a skin peel or a specialised mask, or another of other our specialist treatments, depending on your skin’s needs.

This facial is also a great way to set up and kick off a healthy skin care routine to maintain your skin’s radiance.

See our Price List, which includes package offers, or Book Now to make your appointment.

Love Your Skin Deluxe Facial (60mins)

Give your skin the love it truly deserves with this customised rejuvenating treatment that delivers longer lasting results. This treatment will leave your skin feeling sublime, and you feeling totally refreshed.

The Deluxe treatment is a customised combination of treatments to cleanse, revitalise, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, as well as address a range of skin concerns you may have, such as: ageing, hydration, sensitivity, pigmentation, sunspots, breakouts, etc.

See our Price List, which includes package offers, or Book Now to make your appointment.

Teen Dream (20mins)

Perfect for teenage skin – comprising a deep clean and re-balancing treatment to help decongest and smooth young skin.

See our Price List, which includes package offers, or Book Now to make your appointment.

True Love: Our Specialist Skincare Menu

Our ‘True Love’ menu offers a range of specialist in-depth skincare therapies that target specific concerns and achieve superior and longer-lasting results for your skin. Depending on your needs, we may recommend one of these therapies as part of your treatment. If you are interested in just booking one of these treatments, please note you may need to first have a consultation. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

DMK Treatments

DMK is a leading skincare range that we use for all our facials. DMK is truly dedicated to providing solutions to treat skin concerns and issues, and help achieve healthy and radiant skin.

We love DMK because it is focussed on improving the long-term health of your skin, not on quick fixes – an approach we share at Hawthorne Beauty Room. DMK offers a unique approach that combines advanced botanical science and innovative technology to work with the skin, not on the surface of the skin like many cosmetic facial treatments.

In addition our facials (above), we also offer two specialists DMK skin treatments depending on the level of skin concerns:

1. Enzyme Therapy.

DMK’s signature treatment thatgives your skin an instant plumping – but more importantly it works to oxygenate, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin and help treat a range of skin conditions. At Hawthorne Beauty Room, we customise this therapy to treat numerous skin conditions:

  • Age Management, collagen and elastin production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Acne, pimples, blackheads, blemishes and associated inflammation
  • Rosacea, reactive skin, inflamed and angry skin
  • Pigmentation, melasma, chloasma
  • Sun damaged skin.

Enzyme therapy may also be used together with our other specialist skin therapies – Six Layer Peel, IPL Therapy, LED Light Therapy, Collagen Induction Therapy – to achieve superior and long-lasting results.

If you are interested in a tailored DMK treatment plan to suit the needs of your skin, please contact us for a chat.

2. Pro Alpha Six-Layer Peel 

This is a non-invasive resurfacing peel procedure that significantly and quickly revise signs of ageing without having invasive surgery or treatments. Designed to remove dead skin cells and promote collagendevelopment, this peel can help improve uneven skin texture, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage and scarring.

The peel is an exclusive blend of natural plant and fruit sugar acids that’s adjusted to suit your skin colour, texture, sensitivity and condition before being applied in layers.

It’s an intensive procedure that takes seven to 10 days and will involve excessive skin peeling – as the skin tightens, lifts and peels away to reveal younger looking, smoother, optimally functioning skin.

The program does require two salon treatments and a firm commitment and consistent use of DMK Home Prescriptive products, including DMK EFA Ultra Supplements.

If you are interested in a doing this skin peel, please contact us for a chat.

IPL Therapy

IPL is a non-invasive light-based technology that can be used to improve many skin conditions such as: age spots, sunspots, freckles, superficial capillaries, facial redness and skin discolouration, and deliver a more even skin tone and healthy-looking complexion. Before booking any IPL treatment, you must first book an IPL consultation (with the cost redeemable on your first treatment).

With the latest in IPL technology in our salon, we can effectively treat any of the following skin concerns:

> Acne Management: Our acne management program is designed to specially slow the overall production of oil that leads to acne and reduce acne bacteria, breakouts and inflammation for a clearer, more balanced and healthier looking complexion.

We recommend a treatment every week or fortnight. Most clients see a significant improvement in their skin, however results will vary.

> Vascular Therapy: Spider veins, broken capillaries, red spots and rosacea can all be reduced and removed to offer you an even, more uniform complexion. A course of four to six treatments, every two to three weeks, is usually required for optimal results.

> Skin Tone Correction: This can effectively fade and remove age spots, sunspots, freckles and/or skin discolouration to greatly improve overall skin tone, texture and radiance. We can treat the back of your hands, your forearms, décolletage and face.

A course of four to six treatments, every four weeks, is usually required for optimal results.

> Skin Rejuvenation: With long-term sun exposure effecting collagen production and skin ageing process, our skin rejuvenation treatments will improve your skin tone, texture, as well as refine and refresh the skin by increasing the production of collagen in the skin.

> Hair Removal: IPL technology is also used to permanently remove unwanted hair. We offer this option as the quicker, more effective and painless process to permanently remove hair on your body or your face. Find out more.

LED Light Therapy

A non-invasive pain-free skin treatment that’s recommended for:

  • Acne– prevents breakouts, kills bacteria on the surface of the skin, heals and balances oil production.
  • Ageing– boosts collagen & elastin, improves texture and tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases hydration, shrinks enlarged pores and restores radiance in the skin.
  • Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasisor any reactive skin conditions – reduces and prevents scaring, relieves inflammation, calms irritation, and promotes healthy skin

LED Light Therapy uses different wavelengths of light (red, white and blue) to help trigger the skin’s natural healing processes and to repair the skin.

See our Price List, which includes package offers, or Book Now to make your appointment.

Collagen Induction Therapy

This is the go-to treatment if you’re looking for a skin rejuvenating therapy that truly delivers improved skin tone and texture – and firmer, smoother, younger looking skin.

Also known as skin needling, this a minimally invasive procedure is known for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, various scars and stretch marks, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation, and creating a brighter, fresher skin tone.

It works by taking advantage of the body’s own regeneration process by stimulating new cell growth and boosting your collagen production, leaving the top layer of your skin improved in thickness and transparency.

Our treatment process uses market-leading German-engineered medical-grade technology that delivers the best in client comfort, safety – and results.

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